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'Tis the season to warm up with the hot mineral bath plunges!!!

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Name: Laurie CoxEmail:
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Country: SOUTH DAKOTA Date: 24 Nov 2020 16:17:31 GMT

Comment: Wallace and I are extremely excited to be custodians of such a unique community resource. We understand that generations of hunters and adventurers have come through these halls. Please come join us!

Name: SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy TrinityEmail:
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Country: DYING NON-HUMAN INNOCENT EARTH Date: 12 Feb 2021 06:06:50 GMT

Comment: global extermination by 2025 & it's gonna be a literal, human incomprehensible global bloodbath massacre & not even the word nightmare nor Crime's against humanity can scratch the surface.,, Author: Paul L. Williams book, Killing the Planet (Earth).